Post: Mercy Overarching

Mercy Overarching

  • Tuesday, Jun 25, 2019

“I can’t find my laptop” 

my husband said at the other end of the line. “How?” I asked, mouth gaping.

We left the church together that morning after Friday stewards all-night prayer meeting. He did not drive so I walked him and our son to the park where they boarded vehicle home while I left for an event at my place of work. The last memory I had was that he was with his laptop bag.

We called some of our friends who were still in church to help us look around, but they searched to no avail. 

Dream Centre is not a church where items get missing and certainly not in a stewards meeting.

After much back and forth calls, search and probe, my husband noted that the only suspicion he had was that the laptop might have been picked by a passenger when he left his bag in the vehicle briefly to help our son when he wanted to ease himself. 

The realization sent cold chills down my spine and all I could mutter was “sweetie how could you?” For Christ sake, who leaves a bag containing a MacBook Pro in a public vehicle even for a split second? 

Emotions ranged within me. I felt a pang of regret for not taking our son with me. The distraction might have been avoided. I felt angry for him not being careful with the laptop; repulsed with whoever picked it and frustrated at the thought of having to replace a MacBook because my husband certainly cannot do without it as it is means 100% work for him. 

The thought of the worth of the MacBook plus its content wore me out literary. He is a software developer & he has completed projects and those still in progress that are not backed up yet. 

I tried to confess God’s word on restoration and recovery but my head doubted while my heart tried to find an anchor to latch on. My husband did what he knew best – prayed in the Holy Ghost, confessed God’s word and held tenaciously at the God’s covenant, our father's heritage“nothing missing, nothing broken…” while the odds seemed so slippery.

I was sorely distracted at work as I drifted between mourning the laptop and hopeful it would be recovered

Just before I left for home, my husband called and asked me to go to the park and report the situation with the drivers’ union there. 

“What good will come out of it?” I wondered to myself. I obeyed nonetheless and went there.

One of the drivers there recognized me because he played with our son while they waited for the vehicle to fill up.  He recalled the vehicle they boarded, took his phone and called the driver who confirmed that he found the laptop in his car. Interestingly, the driver was commuting passengers back to the park. 

After about 30 minutes, he arrived and to my utmost dismay, handed my husband’s MacBook Pro to me. My heart almost lurched out. 

I could not believe it. Who returns a MacBook just like that? I thanked the drivers profoundly, appreciated the particular driver profusely in the little way I could at the moment and headed home.

While going home and pondering on the whole matter, I said in my heart, 

“it appears that God is indulging my husband". I learned a big lesson from the answer I got in my heart. 

I felt the Father say to me “I am bigger than your mistakes. My mercy is overarchingLearn of Me.”

It hit me hard, melted my heart and I repented. I felt ashamed for acting like a Pharisee, ready to cast the first stone. I can be quite hard on myself when I slip. I am an ardent of cause and effect, seed and harvest. 

I saw very clearly that instance that God is not man. He sees the heart while we see the act. We judge and condemn others for their shortcomings but though the Judge of all, He mends our frailties.

His mercy is always available to help us find our bearing again if we can come back to him as sons when we fall face flat.

Typical me when I misplace things that are important, I would be so upset with myself and accept the situation as a consequence of my negligence. 

I learned on Saturday with a fresh conviction that it doesn’t matter the situation we find ourselves due to our own error or the sin we might have committed, the father can take it and He will show us mercy if we will come to Him in genuine repentance and seek His help.

Quit being hard on yourself because you slipped. Reach out for His mercy today. 

He is a father whose love is beyond comprehension.

He does not indulge us to remain careless or in sin, but His love and mercy is bigger than our mistakes and would never cast us away when we cry out to Him! 

I think this understanding was what made David a man after God's own heart, despite David being David!

We are still not sure if the laptop was picked by a passenger who reconsidered and dropped it back where the driver could see it or if it slipped off my husband’s bag without his knowledge but whatever was the case, one thing was certain, God’s hand was strongly involved in heralding the laptop safely back without a crack or dent! 


  • Ryta Abiodun

    ... it's God's Spirit in a person, the breath of the Almighty One, that makes wise human insight possible. Job 32:8. I am a God chaser, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister and a Nigerian.

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  • Victor

    Our God awesome he never let his children suffer lost. This story encourage my faith and guard my confession... when I hard of the incident I said my boss is a child of GOD he will not suffer this lost. With this testimony I am stronger than ever. Our GO

  • Ryta

    Thanks Victor. God is faithful.

  • Ab Razzaq

    Evidence of righteous living i guess..

  • Samuel Oyelaran

    His mercy is indeed overarching! I refuse to get hard on myself for errs as from this day. Thanks a lot for this incredible message.

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