Post: …I have food & I can Eat

…I have food & I can Eat

  • Friday, Apr 6, 2018

I recently found myself singing a rhyme that we used to sing in nursery school just before we ate our meals. The song goes this way;

Some have food but cannot eat

Some can eat but have no food

We have food and we can eat

Glory be to thee o Lord.

What a powerful song! I am sure you remember the lyrics. The song meant little or nothing to me then. What mattered then was how to level the meal set before us but as I hummed the song a few days ago, it meant so much to me.

I just recovered from illness. I had a breakdown in my health two weeks ago. I was so down that I could eat and even the little that I managed to eat, I threw up. Everything I tried to eat smelled terrible and tasteless. And because I could not eat, I was very weak and lay down on the bed for days.

I tried to encourage myself to eat and my loved ones did same but I just could not. I got to the verge of being of administered drip to keep my energy up but thank God I found my appetite back and recovered.

As I relished my meal a few days ago, the song came back to my memory and the last refrain became a song of thanksgiving on my lips; 

“I have food and I can eat; glory be to thee o Lord”.

In the chase for the good that life brings, we sometimes fail to be grateful for the ‘seemingly’ common and mundane things like being able to swallow saliva, empty our bowel, eat our breakfast, take in a breath, perceive the aroma of a nice meal, being able to eat, pass out urine just to mention a few.

It never occurred it me until last week that those who cannot eat have to be supported with drip which does not come cheap. That those who cannot empty their bowel or pass out urine have to be supported with medical device that cost a fortune.

How beautiful is it that you have eyes and can read this post, that you brain and can comprehend the message, that you have fingers that can scroll your phone and senses that are active and alive.

Truly, some have food but cannot eat, some can eat but do not even have the food but you have food, you can eat and able to digested it without support. Glory be to God.


I have nostrils and I can breathe

Glory be to thee o Lord


I have tongue and you can taste

Glory to thee o Lord


I have family & friend that I love and loves me

Glory be to thee o Lord


Please add your lines


  • Ryta Abiodun

    ... it's God's Spirit in a person, the breath of the Almighty One, that makes wise human insight possible. Job 32:8. I am a God chaser, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister and a Nigerian.

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  • Agwai patricia buchi

    I had similar experience last year dec on the hospital bed.the doctors were waiting for me to gas. My point is we should always appreciate God for every thing.

  • Agwai patricia buchi

    I had similar experience last year dec on the hospital bed.the doctors were waiting for me to gas. My point is we should always appreciate God for every thing.

  • Ryta

    Wow! That we can pass gas without help is something to thank God for.

  • Oluyinka Fadare

    Indeed food for the thought. Thank God for all His daily benefits.

  • Laura Okunola

    You just spoke the truth thanks for this piece its a gratitude reawakening call. God bless you.

  • Philip

    This write up took me all the way back to my primary school days. I didn't know the lyrics that well but it didn't matter because all I used to think about is how I was being delayed to devour the food. That was a long time ago with lots of good memories.


    He is a mighty God,he gave us everything free of charge. He is worthy to be praised .Dis reminds me of one song day says -Elo ni mo san foba Ogo, Elo ni Jesu mi gba, foore re lori mi

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