Post: Dear Mother!

Dear Mother!

  • Sunday, Mar 22, 2020

Today is Mother's Day and two Sundays ago was International Women's Day. I took time out to celebrate the mothers and women in my life for their labour over me. I do not take their love for granted at all, especially my biological mum. I am a product of the nurturing I have received from people who have played the role of a mother to me.


It got me thinking about the sacrifice mothers and women play in our everyday lives and I know we cannot celebrate them enough...

From the photos and videos I have seen shared around today and in the past, I believe the natural wiring of a woman, especially a mother is to give. We have a mental picture of a virtuous woman in our head – one who sacrifices all to ensure that her children and husband make it in life which is divine.  


Truly, a woman doesn’t just give her heart when she loves, she gives her life for another to come and pours her essence into nurturing.

As a woman advance to become a wife and mother, there may be a need for her to make sacrifices and compromises. A time may come when it may be necessary for her to take a break or slow down in some other aspects of her life especially business or career in order to give time to nurture and build the home. 


If not properly managed, I feel that is the time women lose it...

Early motherhood is often the time that women bask in the joy of being a mother. Truly, there are very few things in life that is as exciting as being pregnant, feeling the tender kicks of your little one in the womb, birthing a child and watching him/her grow. Children are just adorable... 

While the woman revels in being a mother, she might not observe that the man, her husband has moved on. With minimal glass ceilings to smash, a man often moves on easily with his career or business because he has got to provide for the home. He takes on more degrees and certifications and gains fresh business knowledge to keep himself in mental shape... 


As the years roll by, distance set in between the couples not necessarily because of infidelity but because of disparity in their growth. 

When couples can no longer relate mentally, spiritually, psychologically, the common ground left may just be physical – on the bed...

What do we often see? Most mothers use children as crouch and feel alone when they grow up and leave home. Because she gave up all to nurture them, it is difficult to release them and let them flutter even after they get married sometimes. Typically at this stage, the relationship with her husband who she 'supposedly sacrificed' all for becomes severed because they have lost common ground. 


Sometimes,  it is difficult for a woman, especially mothers to find their way back to their career, business or zeal for the things of God because the path has grown bushy from years of abandonment!

Often time unspoken, the woman looks back at years gone by and feel used and cheated! I respect women and mothers because only God can reward them for their selfless labour of love. 

As the momentum is high in celebrating women and mothers this 2020, dear mom, please remember that before you became a woman, wife or mother, you are First a human being – created in the image and likeness of God and only privileged to be the Womb-man endowed with the feature to birth children.

I think the basics of our accountability at the end of time will be the fulcrum of our being and not the many roles we played...

Happy Mother's Day!




  • Ryta Abiodun

    ... it's God's Spirit in a person, the breath of the Almighty One, that makes wise human insight possible. Job 32:8. I am a God chaser, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister and a Nigerian.

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  • Samuel Oyelaran

    This is an eye opener for our wonderful women out there. I hope they forget not the basics of accountability in the end! God bless your wits ma

  • Henry Obado

    Thanks so much for making us remember the sacrifices our mothers have gone through to ensure we become who we are. Great piece of writing.

  • Henry Obado

    Thanks so much for making us remember the sacrifices our mothers have gone through to ensure we become who we are. Great piece of writing.

  • Ryta

    Thanks Mr Sam and Henry.

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